QLOCKTWO 180 CREATOR’S EDITION RUST awarded with the ICONIC AWARDS 2019: Innovative Interior

QLOCKTWO 180 CREATOR’S EDITION RUST has been awarded with the ICONIC AWARDS 2019: Innovative Interior. The ICONIC AWARDS 2019: Innovative Interior Prizes are only handed over to the best of the best from the furnishing sector and interior design. The QLOCKTWO 180 is the largest series-produced clock of the QLOCKTWO brand. Like all other QLOCKTWO clock, the QLOCKTWO 180 celebrates time in a special way. The time is described in five-minute increments by illuminated areas and characters. This idea originated in Schwäbisch-Gmünd, the hometown of the two designers and creative minds behind QLOCKTWO, Marco Biegert and Andreas Funk.

With the QLOCKTWO 180, the subject of “clock” and “time display” goes far beyond the actual meaning of the word. “Due to its impressive size, the QLOCKTWO 180 becomes part of the room and is more than just a decorative object. It determines the room without dominating it” explains Andreas Funk. With its 180 x 180 cm QLOCKTWO 180 is visible from afar. The perfect combination of room-filling presence and minimalist design. “The unique statement of the word clock makes an impression at all distances and at the same time creates the calm and friendly effect that also characterises its little siblings,” says Marco Biegert.

Every QLOCKTWO 180 is handmade in the Schwäbisch Gmünd manufactory. The body is made of white lacquered wood, the letters are lasered precisely out of the metal. The front panel of the QLOCKTWO 180 CREATOR’S EDITION RUST is made of raw steel and rusted by hand in a complex procedure. The surface is fixed indelibly. In this process, each new front is unique. The perfect prerequisite for a QLOCKTWO CREATOR’S EDITION.

All functions of the QLOCKTWO 180 can be controlled via the supplied infrared remote control. With the QLOCKTWO FLASHSETTER, the QLOCKTWO 180 can be easily adjusted with the help of a smartphone in no time at all. Fronts for the QLOCKTWO 180 are available in STEEL and CREATOR’S EDITION RUST and GOLD versions. The QLOCKTWO 180 is only made to order and is available in over 20 languages.

With the award of the ICONIC AWARDS 2019: Innovative Interior, the QLOCKTWO 180 seamlessly joins the ranks of other design award winners of the QLOCKTWO brand. With the QLOCKTWO 180, all QLOCKTWO product lines have now won national and international design awards. These include the Red Dot Award, the iF Design Award, Good Design, ADC’E Gold Award and many more.


The ICONIC AWARDS are among the most renowned German and international design awards. The competition creates a unique platform for the networking of architects, product designers and object developers with the furnishing industry. These awards are presented annually by the Rat für Fromgebung German Design Council and honour relevant contemporary developments as well as special creative achievements. About the awarding of the ICONIC AWARDS 2019: Innovative Interior was decided by an independent and expert jury consisting of architects, interior designers, product designers and communication specialists. The award ceremony will be held at the start of the imm cologne on 13 January 2019 in Cologne. In addition, the German Design Council will present the winners during Passagen 2019 at the Kölnischer Kunstverein. Under the title “Design im Kunstverein”, the exhibition will be flanked by a varied supporting programme and thus become a design showcase in the centre of Cologne.