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Time in a new dimension - QLOCKTWO in the BMW iX

QLOCKTWO offers a unique art experience with the addition of a digital timepiece in BMW automobiles. The QLOCKTWO widget is now available on all BMW iX worldwide. Our timepiece is setting new standards in the field of horology as a digital display in automobiles.

Digital and mobile – an art object on new paths

The digital QLOCKTWO is displayed in the BMW iX on the central screen next to the driver's seat. Depending on the driving mode, the QLOCKTWO changes its appearance and reveals a varied color spectrum of the digital representation of the timepiece. It adapts individually to the driver and thus maintains its DNA as the world's most personal time display.

The digital version of the timepiece also remains true to its artistic and philosophical aspirations: to display time as it is spoken. This sets the QLOCKTWO apart from conventional digital time displays with its word matrix. Reading the time becomes a moment of conscious perception, an art experience.

The automobile as a luxurious living space

With the realization of the digital timepiece in the iX, QLOCKTWO also sets an example for the increasing fusion of previously separate worlds. The new widget brings the living world of the home into the increasingly autonomous mobility and thus fulfills new demands on the equipment of vehicles.

The QLOCKTWO digital display appears on the large curved display of the BMW iX and, in combination with the car's interior, creates a decelerating lounge atmosphere. In combination with the artistic time display by QLOCKTWO, the iX thus becomes an exclusive place of contemplation that perfectly completes the fusion of the living world with the mobile world.

"In the future, mobile and non-mobile living worlds will be increasingly connected. We want to offer customers an art experience with our digital time display in the BMW iX – in the same way that has so far been possible primarily in 'immobile' spaces."   


– Jens Adamik, QLOCKTWO Managing Partner –

With its handmade timepieces from Schwäbisch Gmünd, QLOCKTWO has influenced the international design world in the field of interior design and established itself as a luxury object. With the stylish digital version in the BMW iX, QLOCKTWO is now helping to shape the mobile space of tomorrow. The widget will be available for all vehicles with Operating System 8. The BMW iX will be followed by the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer, BMW i4, the new BMW 7 Series, and other vehicles in upcoming years.

BMW iX xDrive50: Energy consumption in kWh/100 km: - (NEDC) / 21.4-19.8 (WLTP); Electric range in km: 590-630 (WLTP)