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The 45 × 45 cm QLOCKTWO CLASSIC is mounted on the wall like a picture, or it can be set up in free-standing position with the acrylic base. QLOCKTWO CLASSIC is available in more than 20 languages.
QLOCKTWO W takes the calming principle of displaying time in words and applies it to your wrist at the push of a button. It is available in two different sizes. – 35 x 35 mm and 39 x 39 mm.
The table clock also shows the time in words. In addition to its compact format, its simple operation makes the QLOCKTWO TOUCH a popular design object. Dimensions: 13.5 × 13.5 cm.
QLOCKTWO LARGE with an impressive front cover in a 90 × 90 cm format. Its striking form gives every room a modern sense of time.
Discover, using augmented reality and your smartphone or tablet, which QLOCKTWO suits you best.
The QLOCKTWO 180 is an unmissable design element for spacious rooms. Its size of 180 x 180 cm makes it a focal point of every room.
Born in Schwäbisch Gmünd, QLOCKTWO inspires the world. Discover the story and how a brilliant idea can be turned into a timeless art object.
Every front cover of a QLOCKTWO CREATOR’S EDITION is further enhanced by means of an elaborate craft production process and individually numbered. This makes each piece unique and individual.
Now you can create new fascinating color compositions of unlimited uniqueness with the QLOCKTWO CUSTOM COLOR and the option of individually choosing colors from the RAL palette.
With just one movement your QLOCKTWO gets a new language or even a new design. Here you will find new front covers for your QLOCKTWO Classic or QLOCKTWO TOUCH.
QLOCKTWO QABLE - Stages the visible power supply as a design element. Here you can find different colours and 3.50 m long QLOCKTWO QABLE.
With our QLOCKTWO TIMECHECK you have the option of displaying the current time or any other time in all available language versions.
For us, sustainability is not a passing phenomenon or even a trend. It is our attitude, perpetual and timeless.
QLOCKTWO 520 GAMUNDIA - The largest QLOCKTWO in the world measures gigantic 5.20 × 5.20 m and weighs more than five tons.
QLOCKTWO – handmade, unique timepieces from Schwäbisch Gmünd since 2009. Quality Made in Germany.
Innovation combined with Baden-Württemberg craftsmanship and the timeless way of displaying time make's every QLOCKTWO CREATOR's EDITION a work of art.
How QLOCKTWO became a modern design classic and what motivates us in our daily work. Discover this and much more in our magazine.

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Die vierte Dimension im Quadrat, an der Wand oder freistehend, in vielen Farben oder Stahl.


Der kompakte und ästhetische Zeitmesser mit Alarmfunktion für Büro, Wohn- und Schlafbereich.


Die Zeit in Worten fürs Handgelenk. QLOCKTWO W inszeniert den Moment.


Stattliche 90 x 90 cm setzen einen starken Akzent in jedem Raum.


Ein zeitloser unübersehbarer Blickfang im eindrucksvollen Format von 180 x 180 cm.