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Ten years ago, the launch of the CREATOR'S EDITION marked a milestone in QLOCKTWO's company history. Since then, the incomparable design objects have been created in elaborate artisan processes in their birthplace, Schwäbisch Gmünd. On the occasion of the tenth anniversary, the limited QLOCKTWO LARGE 10 YEARS CREATOR'S EDITION will be released, reflecting QLOCKTWO's artisanal and aesthetic standards.


With an incomparable shimmer created by the gentle gradient of fine gold nuances, the 90 × 90 cm 10 YEARS CREATOR'S EDITION captivates viewers. The luxurious front cover is refined by hand in an elaborate process with ten different gold leaf alloys ranging from 12 to 24 carats. Each of the ten alloys represents a year in the brilliant success story of the CREATOR'S EDITION. 

The exclusive black-blue body forms a clear contrast to the radiant front cover, allowing it to be shown off to its best advantage. Each 10 YEARS CREATOR'S EDITION has a plaque on the back, engraved with an object number and text about the anniversary, and is hand-signed by the artists Biegert & Funk. The unique art objects of the special edition will be available exclusively on request for the price of $13,500 from October 14, 2022. The edition is limited to 45 pieces worldwide.

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