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Exclusively available at Watches Of Switzerland

QLOCKTWO presents the ARTIST EDITION. The exclusive collection was created in collaboration with Jochen Schambeck. The reowned artist, whose works are also represented in Dior or Hermès art collections as well as in the Seoul Museum of Art and the Art Basel Miami art fair, is known for his unique handling of colors and textures. With his unique dabbing technique on metal, Jochen Schambeck designes the fronts of the ARTIST EDITION, artisically tracing the constant flow of time as well as the transience of the moment.

This has resulted in three extraordinary series that further intensify QLOCKTWO's characterstic fusion of time display, design, and art.

In the Series "Flowing Time" waves represent the flow of time in a dynamic way. Their rhythm and steadiness symbolize the continuity of time.

"Painting Time" captures a snapshot of the feeling moment. A work in this series entitles "Reflection" was created as Schambeck documented the natural reflections of light on the surface of the QLOCKTWO over the course of a day.

Finally, as a homage to the well-known work "The persistence of memory" by Salvador Dalí, the works of the thirs series, "Metling Time", thematize the ephemeral nature of time.

For the first time, 14 objects of this limited edition in the formate CLASSIC and LARGE with English matrix are exhibited at Wacthes of Switzerland in Hudson Yards, New York. A further 12 unique pieces with German matrixes have already been allocated to exclusive collections.