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Turning on / off “IT IS” – QLOCKTWO CLASSIC / TOUCH / LARGE / 180

In factory setting “IT IS” is only displayed every full and half hour on the QLOCKTWO CLASSIC, QLOCKTWO TOUCH, QLOCKTWO LARGE and QLOCKTWO 180. Please press the button „60“ for approximately 3 seconds to activate these introductory words permanently or follow the instruction in the manual under “Turning “IT IS” on/off”.

Screw in fixing bolt – QLOCKTWO CLASSIC assembly

As indicated in the instruction manual, the fixing bolt is to be tightened by hand, only. The screw fits securely if you feel a resistance without using force. It is now secure to hang the QLOCKTWO CLASSIC on the already mounted wall frame.

Display another language – QLOCKTWO CLASSIC / TOUCH

very QLOCKTWO CLASSIC and QLOCKTWO TOUCH can display time in various languages. Corresponding front covers which can easily be changed without using any tools are available in various languages and colors. Arabic QLOCKTWO are available as special models.

Changing the front cover – QLOCKTWO CLASSIC / TOUCH

The QLOCKTWO CLASSIC and QLOCKTWO TOUCH front cover is secured by magnets. It can easily and conveniently be exchanged with other color or language option without any tools.

1. Carefully remove the front cover by pulling it away from the body.

2. Remove the protective film on the front of the new cover by placing it on a clean, even surface and slowly pulling off the film, starting at one corner. Do not bend the front cover. Removing the protective film only applies to the acrylic glass models.

3. Then place the front cover onto the body.

Changing the front cover – QLOCKTWO LARGE / 180

For information about changing the front cover of QLOCKTWO LARGE and QLOCKTWO 180, please contact us.

Power supply or battery operation – QLOCKTWO CLASSIC / TOUCH / LARGE / 180

Despite their low energy requirements, QLOCKTWO CLASSIC, QLOCKTWO TOUCH, QLOCKTWO LARGE and QLOCKTWO 180 need a conventional connection for power supply. You also have the possibility to connect QLOCKTWO CLASSIC and QLOCKTWO LARGE directly to a wall power outlet or to operate it with a visible cable connected to a socket. A white cable is provided with every product. For QLOCKTWO CLASSIC, we also offer textile cables in various colors. Furthermore, you can set up your QLOCKTWO CLASSIC as a standing version. Please use the provided acrylic glass base.

My clock does not display any reasonable words – QLOCKTWO CLASSIC / TOUCH / LARGE / 180

Ensure that the front cover is positioned on the body in the right direction. Check the language setting and/or reset the language.

Interruption of power supply - QLOCKTWO CLASSIC / TOUCH / LARGE / 180

QLOCKTWO CLASSIC / TOUCH / LARGE / 180 are equipped with an internal power reserve and automatically resume operations after a power outage of up to 24 hours. All settings are retained.