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"Art is always created by feelings. Without feelings, there is no art." - That's what Andreas Funk, one of our two company founders, says, and thus sums up the guiding principle of our design process. At QLOCKTWO, we put our energy and passion into the smallest detail, creating products that fill rooms with their extraordinary, high-quality, and trend-setting design. In 2020, the German Design Council awarded us a place for this in The Major German Brands 2020. This annual publication showcases and honors innovative brands that are shaping the future. We are grateful to be a part of this inspiring project and are already working on new innovative designs and art objects.

What makes QLOCKTWO so special is the idea. The surface, rusted by hand, makes every QLOCKTWO CREATOR’S EDITION RUST a unique work of time display art. Innovation combined with Baden-Württemberg craftsmanship and the poetic way of displaying time make the QLOCKTWO a work of art. As such, it is part of the Landesmuseum Württem- berg’s clock collection. A QLOCKTWO LARGE CREATOR’S EDITION RUST now hangs in the museum’s clock vault and fits right in with the magnificent Renaissance clocks that surround it.

We are also particularly proud that the QLOCKTWO 180 Silver & Gold will be shown in the "Winners Exhibition" in the red dot design Museum in Essen.