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QLOCKTWO wins German Brand Award 2022


A milestone in our brand history: QLOCKTWO receives the German Brand Award 2022 in the category Excellent Brands - Luxury. Every year, the German Brand Institute presents the German Brand Award for outstanding brand successes that have a significant influence on Germany’s industry. It is a very special honor for QLOCKTWO to receive this prestigious award.

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From studio to luxury brand

The success story of the artists Marco Biegert and Andreas Funk began in a small studio in 2009, where the two friends began to rethink the way we represent time. 

After creating their first few models, the  fascination for the unique art objects grew. The QLOCKTWO was later recognized as a national cultural asset and eventually declared an object of applied art. These developments far exceeded the expectations of the two artists. Biegert & Funk wanted to create the unique time display primarily for themselves, finding pure pleasure in the artistic examination of time.


Their success and growing interest for QLOCKTWO models required spatial changes. Thus, the manufactory was relocated to the neighboring Straßdorf and the old studio was reimagined as a place of innovation. Despite their success, Biegert & Funk remain loyal to their location. “Creations will continue to be developed in the studio in Schwäbisch Gmünd. This is the birthplace of our creativity,” says the duo.

The intrigue of QLOCKTWO

What is probably the most personal time display in the world has had a lasting influence on the design world. It fulfills two demands at once: that of personal expression and that of deceleration. The QLOCKTWO displays the time in one’s native language – also in the form of dialects. In doing so, it completely forgoes conventional dials, which are often associated with hustle and bustle. Through its individual surface design, it is also an expression of people's personal taste. Thus, the QLOCKTWO can be found in places where otherwise no time display would be seen. 


QLOCKTWO has now received more than 30 awards since the brand was founded just over ten years ago. “It's moments like these in our history that give us pause and inspire us to keep creating new works that make their viewers more aware of the moment,” says Andreas Funk