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“Time is an essential element in art and music.”
— QLOCKTWO MOMENTS with Felix Klieser


Music inspires and connects people through our unique emotional perceptions. As part of the QLOCKTWO MOMENTS series, Felix Klieser, one of Germany's most successful solo horn players, talks about the particularly positive qualities of time as it relates to music and his life.

Time is a particularly formative element for this musician. The time he takes for the individual passages of a piece and the tempo at which he proceeds are influenced by his positive attitude towards the perception of time as a conscious element of life.

Felix Klieser began playing the horn at an early age. The complex brass instrument is usually played with two hands to modify notes and produce beautiful sounds. But when Felix Klieser gives concerts, he achieves the rich, wonderful sound exclusively through his unique technique with his mouth and left foot. With his outstanding feeling for the horn, he has already established himself as a solo artist at a young age, regularly receiving invitations for guest performances in international orchestras.


“For me, time is something very, very positive.”


“For many people, the concept of time in our society has a negative connotation,” Klieser acknowledges. “We humans usually look at a clock when we are waiting or out of concern that we will miss something. But time encompasses so much more than just rushing around and meeting expectations or obligations.” For the soloist, the time has a mostly positive connotation, because “most of the things we have, we only get through time.” For example, a person's character is formed with age. Equally formative are individual life experiences that people gain throughout their lifetimes through interaction with the world. Over time, we develop our abilities and ourselves as individuals.

However, Klieser is also aware of the pressure that time can cause. Before concerts, the musician avoids frantic situations as best he can through structured methods behind the curtain so that he can consciously and fully enjoy his time on stage. With a smile, he shares, “for me, the most important thing about making music is giving people pleasure.” Klieser wishes that the person listening to his music will feel excitement and joy, and thus take a step back from their hectic daily routine to simply enjoy the moment itself. 

QLOCKTWO also reminds us of these conscious perceptions. As an art object, the time display radiates calm in a unique way — an antidote to frantic everyday life. 

Felix Klieser-spielt-Horn

“QLOCKTWO has a particularly beautiful temporal aesthetic.”


Solo horn player Felix Klieser describes QLOCKTWO as an art object that, through its tranquil aesthetic, “transforms one's sense of time from a rather negative element to something positive, and puts the enjoyment of time in the foreground.”

The decelerating aesthetic of QLOCKTWO is a friendly reminder to claim time for yourself and your own perception as something visually beautiful — something to truly enjoy in every moment.