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“Time stands still outside in nature.” — QLOCKTWO MOMENTS with Stefan Wiesner


He’s known as the man who cooks with the forest, the wizard from Entlebuch, and Paracelsus in the kitchen. As part of QLOCKTWO MOMENTS, QLOCKTWO spoke with Stefan Wiesner, a Swiss chef and master of deceleration, about his culinary art, the impressive philosophy behind it, and the value of time, which plays a very central role in all of this.

In 1989, Wiesner and his wife Monika Auretto took over the Gasthof Rössli in Escholzmatt-Marbach. Inspired by the regional cuisine of Piedmont, Wiesner wants to remain true to his region. With his unique cooking compositions and philosophy of holistic cooking, he’s gaining notoriety among guests and colleagues for his unique creativity. “Many can't even describe what they experienced with me,” Wiesner tells QLOCKTWO in an interview. He also receives very moving messages from guests who take time after their visit to reflect on what they have experienced. 


Experiencing time with all senses


Taking time is an important concept for Wiesner. For him, time does not mean stress, but the opposite. He is grateful that time does not chase him, but simply carries him. For him, it is of central importance to live decelerated and to experience time with all senses – smell, sight, taste, touch, sound. He tries to share these special moments with his guests at the Gasthaus Rössli. 

We would like to know if there are also moments for Wiesner when time passes more quickly than usual. His answer comes quickly: “When I start philosophizing, it flies.” Three essential factors influence his unique cooking philosophy: ancient knowledge, natural elements – like water, animals, and trees – and art. When cooking, says Wiesner, he moves through the boundaries of these elements and mixes them together. In this way, not are only artful dishes created, but so are extraordinary moments that bring joy to people.

Wiesner prefers to cook outdoors in a natural environment. Time stands still for him there. In nature, he becomes one with his surroundings. Time is not very important for him in such moments – what counts is being in the moment. This is also what fascinates Wiesner so much about his QLOCKTWO. Sitting comfortably on his wrist, it shows the time in a unique way: with words. He only looks at his QLOCKTWO a few times a day, but very consciously; the rest of the time, it is simply a part of him. It is a beautiful, personal piece of jewelry that does not trigger hastiness, but on the contrary, invites you to pause even more.


“The QLOCKTWO is simply a piece of my personality.”

Wiesner lives his passion for cooking with heart and soul. Surrounded by mountains, forests, and moors in his alchemical nature kitchen, he finds deceleration and creates philosophical dishes that make him and his guests forget time for a moment.