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How we deal with sustainability at QLOCKTWO

In order to give nature the attention it deserves, we take a holistic approach to the issue of sustainability at various points in the manufacturing and production process. We say goodbye to unnecessary plastic consumption in packaging, obtain our resources from regional suppliers, produce locally, and by doing so pass a small piece of Schwäbisch Gmünd on to our customers. In the context of increasing the sustainability, we decided to lease and manage an orchard meadow. On this meadow there are already numerous trees with juicy fruits and it should continue to grow steadily in the future.

You are probably asking yourself what QLOCKTWO has to do with orchards? There is a little story behind it: The company's founders Marco Biegert and Andreas Funk wanted to make their company QLOCKTWO more sustainable and thus also do something good for Schwäbisch Gmünd. They decided to reach out to the mayor with their concerns. The mayor gave them the idea to manage an orchard meadow. Why this and not something else? The reason is obvious: orchard meadows are one of Europe's most species-rich and endangered ecosystems. In order to maintain such a system, active and extensive care is necessary, which we at QLOCKTWO are happy to provide. By managing and maintaining such an orchard, we are proudly making a significant contribution to the environment.

For the production of our objects we obtain our resources from regional suppliers. We rely on local resource cycles, not only by supporting local service providers, but also by manufacturing our products in our own joinery. Cohesion in the region is particularly important to us, which is why we do everything in our power to strengthen the city of Schwäbisch Gmünd and the region.

We at QLOCKTWO not only apply the idea of sustainability to our production, but we also pay attention to sustainable implementation when delivering our products. Unnecessary plastic no longer has any place in our packaging. We rely on recyclable materials and pure cardboard packaging. With our new packaging design, we produce five tons less plastic per year. In this way, we want to make our contribution to the environment instead of taking from it. We want to continue to work on our sustainability concept in the future—and of course, especially on the cultivation of our orchard meadows and thus in the increase of biodiversity.