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The founders - The people behind QLOCKTWO

The QLOCKTWO brand has already made a name for itself worldwide. But who are the people behind the creation of the brand?

Marco Biegert and Andreas Funk come from Hussenhofen in Schwäbisch Gmünd. They grew up together, albeit in different circles of friends. But since they shared the same passion, they spent a lot of time together, working together on creative projects. From photography to programming their own video game — the two of them were busy experimenting with everything that came to mind. The theme of art and aesthetics was already present in their work back then. If they didn't know what to do, they continued to research until they had a suitable solution at hand—an unbeatable team that refused to stop at any challenge. Funk reveals the inventive duo's concept for success: "I believe what distinguished us, was, we didn't just make things up, we created them."

Although their paths diverged while pursuing their individual studies, this separation only remained spatial. Through frequent telephone calls and a lively correspondence — long distance calls were expensive after all — the two kept in regular contact and continued to exchange the original ideas and approaches that came to their minds every day. Even at that time, there were already mulling over ideas about time. A glance at their old notes and drafts even reveals that the drawings of that time are not so different from the design of today's QLOCKTWO.

A little later, the first big milestone of their creative interaction took place with the founding of their advertising agency. Even at this stage, the two did not let their original approaches be taken away. They always worked with humorous, creative, and unique designs and ideas. Although their clients usually chose rather classic designs, the two creatives continued to work on unconventional concepts and always brought them to the client's attention. The advertising agency was not to remain the final destination of Biegert and Funk's journey—on the contrary, the success story QLOCKTWO was just beginning.

The vision of the two was to perceive and experience time as a valuable commodity. As it turned out, the theme of time had played a role from the very beginning in the art and projects that the friends created and brought to life together. The subject is particularly evident in the early sketches and the video game they developed as teenagers. Today, they manifest their idea, or rather their vision of living time in every moment instead of rushing through life with haste, in the successful production of QLOCKTWO. The question remains how the brand name QLOCKTWO came about: On the one hand, the partial term "QLOCK" refers to the essential role of time. Using a “Q” instead of a “C” is a creative twist because after all QLOCKTWO is art itself. On the other hand, the word "TWO" results from the interaction of the two founders Biegert and Funk, who brought the brand and the concept to life. The name says it all: it tells the story and the common path of an unbeatable team, which makes time experienceable in a unique way as an art and design object.