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The Manufactory - From wooden corpus to art object in Schwäbisch Gmünd

The most important places of our company are located at four different locations in Schwäbisch Gmünd. The headquarters with the studio of the two artists and founders Marco Biegert and Andreas Funk, our in-house joinery for the production of wooden corpuses; our manufactory, where the corpus becomes an art object; and last but not least our Torhaus, which serves as a exhibition and sales area and was our very first store.

In our in-house joinery, the wooden corpuses for our art objects are handcrafted, and we obtain the resources from regional suppliers. These corpuses are brought to the manufactory, where they slowly become finished art objects. This is the place where a QLOCKTWO receives its brightness, its essence and finally its heart. Here, several questions are answered at once: Which language will the QLOCKTWO speak? Which material surface will it have? What color will it shine in? All in all: Is it a SILVER & GOLD, VINTAGE COPPER, or maybe another model?

Once it has been revealed which object it is, the front cover will undergo an intensive quality check. Letter by letter, every detail is checked. A gentle touch ensures that all edges are smooth and free of protrusions and are perfectly illuminated. The quality of all objects is very important to us, which is why we dedicate the time required to this step. We go through the process slowly, with attention and precision. This is also reflected in our objects and their quality.

After the quality inspection, each QLOCKTWO is packed by hand. It is carefully placed in the designated cardboard box, packed, and secured. In this step, we opt for sustainable packaging and avoid using unnecessary plastic. From there, the QLOCKTWO goes directly to the shipping department and right to your door.