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QLOCKTWO - Unique time indication as art and design object

In the beginning, there was a simple but ingenious idea: To display the time in a unique way. Again and again the two founders, Biegert and Funk, had the idea. Sometimes it disappeared for a while, but it always came back again. The creative duo began to make drawings but put them aside again. Thus, the idea of the unique time indication as an art and design object began to become more concrete little by little and to take root in their minds. Today, this is associated with the QLOCKTWO brand, which inspires people all over the world with its innovative ideas.

The success story of QLOCKTWO started very early: Marco Biegert and Andreas Funk worked together on creative projects in their youth. This collaboration resulted in an ingenious team long before the idea came up that defines the company today. Their common path led the two of them to found their own advertising agency in 1999. Art and creative idea development were also important aspects of their product development during this time.

Later, in 2007, art moved further into the foreground: the two men worked on an art project, the QLOCKTWO project. In doing so, they were guided by the idea of representing time in a way that people consciously perceive it. Even more: a representation that would make people communicate time. This concept laid the foundation for today's company, QLOCKTWO.

Two years later, the time had come: The company QLOCKTWO was founded, and the first art objects were presented to the Stuttgart public. Even then, the idea was met with enthusiasm and allowed the business to flourish in the years that followed. Soon after, there was another milestone in history: The installation of the largest QLOCKTWO in the world to date, measuring 5.2 meters by 5.2 meters and weighing an impressive five tons. The art object was installed in 2013 at the University of Design in Schwäbisch Gmünd. A little later, the manufactory moved to its current location in Schwäbisch Gmünd in 2014.

With the exhibition of the QLOCKTWO LARGE Creator's Edition Rust at the Landesmuseum Württemberg in Stuttgart, the QLOCKTWO brand officially developed into a Württemberg cultural asset in 2018. One year later, QLOCKTWO was classified as an object of applied art. In addition, the company became a member of the German Design Council, making it one of the 300 most important design companies in Germany.

Even today, all QLOCKTWO art objects are still manufactured by hand in Schwäbisch Gmünd. This location is to be maintained in the future. The idea of living in the moment and consolidating this conscious experience by shaping time in words continues to inspire people. QLOCKTWO is and will remain a modern classic to be remembered.