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The studio - a place of creativity

Marco Biegert and Andreas Funk are two men who have one thing in common: an enthusiasm for art. The two give free rein to their creativity in the studio. There, surrounded by colours, tools, a kiln and materials, the artistic and creative processes take place. Not only the objects of the QLOCKTWO range are designed here, but also other ideas are realised artistically - art with a story.

Just like the art objects of QLOCKTWO, which are shaped by the idea of displaying time in a unique way, time also plays an important role in many other works of art in the studio. In addition, the interplay of art and technology has a special effect on the design objects.

One work that particularly catches the eye are these paintings, which at first glance seem to have nothing to do with each other - the question behind this work is ultimately what Stan Laurel and Marilyn Monroe have in common. The answer is simpler than you might think: both are dead. What makes these paintings so special are the squares made of dots. Each of these dots represents a day that the respective person lived - so the lifetime of the two becomes part of the art here.

The theme of transience also plays a significant role in the artworks of the two designers. This is represented, for example, by the object above: If you draw a shape with your hand on the small surface in front of the wall object, it becomes visible in the form of light points on the mural, but disappears again shortly afterwards. This art is ephemeral.

In any case, there is a story behind the artworks of Biegert and Funk. A story which, as an idea, forms the basis for a new project. Through the witty mediation of a narrative that makes the recipient think, their works become real originals. Take the portrait of the woman as an example: What we see here is a woman assembled in collage and montage technique from the pictures of 1000 women - an "average Jane". Her portrait is based on a large number of images that are found when a search engine is entered with the search term "Jane".

So the question we now ask ourselves is not what the two creative minds think of next, but rather when they will let the world share in it. Where the creative process will lead Marco Biegert, Andreas Funk and QLOCKTWO in the future remains exciting. What is certain, however, is that the ideas will continue to be developed in their home studio in Schwäbisch Gmünd - because that is the place for creativity.