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The front cover of the QLOCKTWO CREATOR'S EDITION METAMORPHITE fascinates with million-year-old slate. Due to the typical and unique structure of the sedimentary rock, an interesting play of colors with different shades of gray is created. Each of these unique pieces is signed and individually numbered in an elaborate printing process.

This fissile rock is still traditionally used for roof and facade construction and now the slate front decorates the newest member of the QLOCKTWO CREATOR’S EDITION. The unique, typical structure of the sedimentary rock creates an interesting interplay of colors with shades of grey and maked therefore every front cover of a QLOCKTWO CREATER'S EDITION METAMORPHITE unique.

As with the other models of the CREATOR’S EDITION, the letters indicating the time are cut out of the slate material of the Metamorphite model using high end technology.


The front covers of the QLOCKTWO CLASSIC are held to the body by means of magnets, which makes it possible to exchange a front cover in terms of color, surface materiality and language finish with just one movement. When replacing the front cover, the respective language version is set using the buttons on the back of the body.

Please note: For arabic language version, front covers can only be changed within the same language.

The scope of delivery includes a magnetic front cover of the QLOCKTWO CLASSIC CREATER'S EDITION METAMORPHITE in the selected language version.