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The front cover of the QLOCKTWO CREATOR'S EDITION VINTAGE COPPER is made of copper-plated and patinated stainless steel. A lively, unique surface, which is inspired by the naturally patinated copper on roofs, sculptures and coins. Each of these unique pieces is signed and individually numbered using laser engraving.

In some places, you can sense the bright colors of the copper and others are reminiscent of a bluish green submarine world.

The front covers of the QLOCKTWO CLASSIC are held to the body by means of magnets, which makes it possible to exchange a front cover in terms of color, surface materiality and language finish with just one movement. When replacing the front cover, the respective language version is set using the buttons on the back of the body.

Please note: For arabic language version, front covers can only be changed within the same language.

The scope of delivery includes a magnetic front cover of the QLOCKTWO CLASSIC CREATER'S EDITION VINTAGE COPPER in the selected language version.