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For us, sustainability is a core principle, the conscious use of resources is part of our work, the basis of our planning and the basis of our actions. For all our staff and in all our products. We assume responsibility for our region, nature, our environment, future generations and our actions at all times. In all teams, at all times and in all directions.

For us, sustainability is not a passing phenomenon or even a trend. It is our attitude, perpetual and timeless. It’s what we are. So it’s always now. For the environment, people and society. And for QLOCKTWO.

On the journey to manufacturing our QLOCKTWO watches, we place a strong emphasis on using local resources along every step of the process. We want to live sustainability. Therefore, we produce products locally in our own carpentry workshop, source products from the surrounding area, and work closely with local artists. How can we shape sustainability regionally?

We asked ourselves this question at QLOCKTWO and approached the mayor of our hometown, Schwäbisch Gmünds, with it. Mayor Arnold drew our attention to the decline of the natural orchards in our community. With their great diversity of species, they are considered one of the most complex ecosystems in Europe. Without further ado, we rented orchard meadows in order to reactivate and manage them.